Why you clock in and out with app

At Staffice, we prioritize ensuring accurate payment for our employees. To achieve this, we use an application for clocking in when you start work and clocking out when you finish. Each week, we send your clocked timesheets to the manager for review and approval. Therefore, it’s crucial that you clock in and out accurately.

How Our Procedure Works:

On Monday, we review your timesheets, add necessary breaks, and make any required adjustments. Afterward, we send your timesheets for confirmation to the location where you work. You can then see that your timesheets have been approved in your app.

We provide both you and the customer an opportunity to provide feedback on your hours until Tuesday at 17:00. If we don’t receive any feedback, we will assume the hours are correct. If there are any discrepancies, we will investigate and make corrections as needed, updating both parties accordingly.


If you fail to clock in and there’s a discrepancy, the work time registered by the company where you were working will be considered accurate. Therefore, it’s essential always to clock in.

Why We Do This:

We employ this method to ensure a smooth hour verification process. It’s crucial that you clock in and out accurately. By adhering to this strict procedure, we guarantee that your weekly salary is correct—quite convenient for everyone involved.


Please note, if we discover that you intentionally clock in or out early or late while not working to enrich yourself, be aware that you are committing fraud. At Staffice, we find this unacceptable and will take immediate action.

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