Wat zegt Juraj over Staffice

Functie: Logistiekmedewerker

I left the rich and historical country of Slovakia for The Netherlands.
Slovakia is truly a stunning place with huge parts of untouched nature. The history connects many Kingdoms throughout time. I’m very proud of my roots and would recommend everyone to go there for a holiday.

My family is a blend of Czech and Slovakian with Hungarian background. I am the youngest of 3 brothers. Being born late allowed me to be an observer, but at the same time I never really felt like I took part in making important decisions.
I joined Staffice because it was time for a change, try something new really. No plans made and I came here literally with nothing.

I would like to describe myself as a loyal person with a good heart, who always want to help other people. I have observed Staffice and noticed it’s geniune people. They are growing rapidly, while keeping the human side to the whole business alive. I enjoy seeing the entire proces and it’s progress.
I love having colleagues from all around the world, coming from different cultures, habits and relationships. However, behind every (re)action or behaviour, I can find an underlying story we all share. We all go through similar struggles, no matter which side from the borders we are from.

I love pasta, but won’t shy way from trying something new.
My hobbies are: making/fixing mechanical watches, creative arts, making something new/never seen before by combining materials and techniques. I also love to follow latest discoveries in Astrolgy and Technology.

I love listening to all kind of music. Altough I’m not having a particular taste in genres, I enjoy melody with meaning embedded within. Lycris are important.

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