Requesting a vacation

Time to dream! If you’re longing for some relaxation and adventure, let’s make it happen. Let us know when you’d like to take that well-deserved vacation.

Step 1: You need to request your vacation through SLING. To find out how, click here. To ensure that your tasks are smoothly taken over, it’s great if we know this at least a month in advance. That way, we can talk to your supervisor to make the best arrangement.

Step 2: We spring into action. We’ll have a chat with your supervisor to discuss everything and ensure that your vacation plans go smoothly.

Step 3: Flexibility is key. Sometimes, due to busyness, your vacation plans might need a little adjustment. Don’t worry! We’ll keep you informed and make sure you’re quickly updated about any changes.

Step 4: Hooray, green light! Once everything is sorted, you’ll receive a confirmation through SLING. This means you officially have the green light to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Time to relax and enjoy!

Note: Always wait to book your vacation until you’ve received our approval. Imagine being all set to go and finding out your vacation wasn’t approved. Not cool.

Important tip: If you want to take one or two days off, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance through SLING. That way, we can organize everything neatly, and you can look forward to your days off with peace of mind.

Let the vacation fun begin!

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