Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

Supply of proof of identity (how?)

A copy of ID must meet a number of requirements to be accepted.
These requirements are in accordance with the NEN 4400-1 certifications.
Listed below are what these requirements are.

The following applies to all identity documents:
– They must be legible.
– The signature must be clearly visible.
– No visible fingers on a photo of the ID, the ID may not be held.
– A photo is allowed, as long as all data is clearly legible

identity card

Both the front and the back of an identity card must be copied, whereby the entire card must be visible. All text and corners of the identity card must be visible.


For a passport, both the full front and the back must be copied. If theBSN is on the other side of the passport upload it.


For proper processing, we request that you fill in the form as completely as possible.

ATTENTION! A copy of ID or passport must meet a number of requirements to be accepted (see above)

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